The Different Types of Bobs


What's the difference between an A-line and graduated bob? Find out what the different types of bobs are and why you should...


  1. Posted by susanwhiting349, — Reply

    It's a dam nuicance I just get to the Bob I want to read about and it pops up again it's happened six times I give up I'm blocking it

  2. Posted by patfurr17, — Reply

    The makeovers of these ladies are a good thing you are doing. I don’t no if they cost or not but they always look beautiful.

  3. Posted by kinney1999tc, — Reply

    They make you sign up for their email before you can read article......very fishy or spam like to me.

  4. Posted by peggykalcsa, — Reply

    I like to see the difference in these Bob hair cuts styles

  5. Posted by nanalinda06, — Reply

    Not worth the trouble!

  6. Posted by karcsonymira, — Reply

    2021 ...

  7. Posted by thegirl19811, — Reply

    Thanks... good to know it’s not worth trying to read!

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