Young Celebrities And YouTubers Who Are Filthy Rich Already


Celebrity kids have been around as long as the entertainment industry. Jackie Coogan and Shirley Temple were probably the first huge child stars and they each made millions. But their parents squandered their fortunes. Right up through Gary Coleman and Macaulay Culkin, kids have been making tons of money in entertainment and parents have been ruining them. These days, things are a bit different. Young people have more power than ever before and there are more rich young entertainers than ever before. In the old days, there were about 12 TV shows and 50 movies a year. Now, there are thousands. And that means thousands of opportunities for everyone, including child entertainers.So who are the richest young celebrities around today? We don't really know, for sure, but we've corralled a bunch with the help of Forbes and other sources. While you might guess some of the headliners — the Billie Eilishes and Kylie Jenners — you may be disgusted surprised by the amount of young YouTube millionaires there are. Some of the numbers are incredible. These are the Shirley Temples of today... Let's hope they've learned from the past.


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